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  • Jinggo Montenejo

Photographers Life

The other day I was reading the news on my phone and came across an advertisement from Shell Corporation. The image in the ad was very familiar. Then I realized it was a photo I took when I was commissioned to shoot their retail stations around the city as well as their refinery in Tabangao, Batangas.

So I went back into my archives to look at those photographs and except for the edits, the photo was indeed the one I took. I really enjoyed that project going around the city on my motorcycle photographing gasoline stations. In a way I felt honored since they did not even send along a creative director to tell me how to shoot. They trusted my aesthetics and photography which was really cool.

Some of the photos were also turned into murals which were used in their new offices in BGC. It's such a bittersweet experience seeing all the photographs but then imagining the now empty offices.

I hope we come out of this stronger and more aware of the weak links in our society like taking care of our health, our frontliners and our educational system.

Sharing some of the photos I took for PSPC and the murals in their offices:



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